Ella Baker Organizing Fund


The following organizations are grantees of the Ella Baker Organizing Fund.
We have financially supported the work of these organizations, learned from them and/or trained them in our organizing methodology.  

We want to connect with other people and organizations. Please reach out to us. 


Annual Mississippi Civil RIghts Martyrs Memorial Service, Conference and Caravan

The Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs Annual Memorial Service, Conference and Caravan continues to fight for justice for murdered martyrs of the Civil Rights Movement. We acknowledge and educate about the over fifty-identified martyrs who were killed for fighting for freedom, including James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerver, and many others. Compared to the number of murders committed in Mississippi, investigations and prosecutions have been a token few.  We organize marches, conferences, and caravans annually, and gather people to speak about this injustice, our civil rights, voting rights, and political affiliations. These murders began way back, and have continued throughout the civil rights movement until now. Without conversation and without organizing, there will be no resolution. Still standing for Justice for Civil Rights Martyrs!

10881 Road 632, Philadephia, Mississippi 39350

Chicago Worker's Englewood Community Center

Chicago Worker’s Englewood Community Center enables our community to be powerful by providing community members with skill sets and job support. We offer various skilled-based classes, such as computer workshops and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) trainings. We have many young community organizers, trained by Ella Baker Organizing Fund (EBOF) teachers, who utilize door-to-door house calls to reach out to the community. The center is open to anyone who shows up at our doors.  We are organizing and building community power. Our resource is needed and valued by our community! We have been featured on various new outlets such as PBS and “The Lookingglass Theater.”

7426 South Vincennes Ave, Chicago Illinois, 60621
office: 773-980-7005
cell: 312-487-6803


The Black and Native Education and Medical Center

The Black and Native Education and Medical Center teaches our students grassroots organizing using the EBOF method, to grow legal medicinal marijuana, and technical skills needed in Black and Native American Communities. We educate our students on the healing properties of medicinal marijuana and a variety of other life-saving herbs. We are using healing and healthcare, our basic human right and need, as our primary modality. We have suffered the most from the criminalization of marijuana, and we deserve the most to benefit from its legalization and healing impact.

2760 N Carefree Way, Crestone, CO 81131

Camp 1 Rootz

Camp 1 Rootz offers OUR children, families and communities a holistic, loving and nurturing environment that fosters self-determination, self-sufficiency & self-sustainability through adventure, learning and building skills.  CAMP 1 ROOTZ seeks to establish sustainable communities build from the ground up through hands on contributions from our campers and participating community.  Our focus is the development of body, mind, heart and spirit.  Our summer camp program includes classes on food and nutrition, arts and culture, agriculture, building trades and survival skills.  The children also participate in physical fitness, martial arts, healing arts and recreational activities

P.O. Box 110343, Birmingham, Alabama 35211
1.601.691.CAMP (2267)


Fannie Lou Hamer's America

Fannie Lou Hamer’s America is a documentary film project told through the public speeches, personal interviews, and powerful songs of the indomitable Mississippi sharecropper-turned-human-rights-activist. If you’ve ever heard of Fannie Lou Hamer, odds are you were introduced to her through the heart-wrenching testimony she delivered before the 1964 Democratic National Convention’s Credentials Committee. As significant as Hamer’s 1964 DNC speech was and is, her testimony is but one moment within an activist's career that spanned nearly 15 years and took place before audiences in every region of the country.