Your donation will provide a young organizer with a training fellowship.

In speaking to movement supporters, Ms. Baker said it is for us “to support those who dare to sail against the storm.”

It is in this spirit that we encourage people who recognize the fundamental inequalities caused by racism and poverty and that only those most impacted can lead the change we all want to see, to step up and support us.

It is in this spirit of commitment, passion, generosity and genuine belief in the power of everyday people that we invite you to support the Ella Fund by donating today!

Your donation will:

  • provide a young organizer with a fellowship for training
  • contribute to the constriction of dormitories and education facilities
  • build this movement

Our teachers, our students-organizers, and our donors are the force behind this work.
We can’t do this without you.  Your contribution, big or small, makes a difference. 

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To donate by check, mail to The Ella Baker Organizing Fund, 53 West Jackson, Suite 701, Chicago, Illinois 60604